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Great Mountaineers of India Speaking

Colonel Jamwal is one of the best motivational speakers as his speeches are inspired by the reality of life that inspires you to think above the stoppers and see the world with new hope and determination.

His speeches empower the audience, and his motivations encourage them to see the new opportunities in the World. His words of wisdom guide their personal and professional growth. Being a great Mountaineer of India and a soldier, his life has always been full of discipline which is reflected in his words.

Colonel Jamwal says that usually, we find ourselves tangled with the problems of daily life which act as a barrier and mostly divert us from the goals which we had set. Here you may need a person who could guide you, help you to see the obstacles and get rid of them and help you in taking a strong and positive path to achieve your goals. You can reach your goals if you think positively and start positively.

Your life must have resilience towards the new technical change with motivation towards the goal. Never be hard with your thinking; always refine it with positivity and good thoughts. It will help you to win over the adaptable and unexpected challenges.

Colonel Jamwal's ever-smiling face and pleasant demeanor infect everyone interacting with him. He prides himself on being the Indian mountaineer and his service, and it seems as soon as he starts speaking. His speeches make the people think positively and encourage them to see the world's new angle where he/she can work harder and achieve their goals. He shares the rigorous life of a soldier, their love and devotions, and their victory. These words charge the listeners and motivate them in such a way that their thinking, their work, and potency all reflect huge changes.

He says that “Only those who have seen your struggle know the value of your success. For others, you are the only lucky person". If you try hard, you will find the way; success does not come by itself.

Ranveer Singh Jamwal Speaking motivation


"Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities."


We always live inside our amazing nature, shape it.


Shape up your actions to lead your thoughts.

Be a Soldier

Always ready to beat the odds like the soldiers.


Keep adding positivity in your thought, actions, and mission


Transform the limitations into possibilities

Youth Empowerment

The biggest asset for any nation